Ideas For Science Fair Projects

    The purpose of this section is to spark the imagination of those who are trying to decide what to do for their Science Fair project. I am going to list a few ideas and hopefully they will give you an idea of where to start. One of the main things to remember is that if you are trying to prove something with your project, you will have to fly your rocket(s) enough times to ensure it does so. Always follow the National Association of Rocketry (NAR) Safety Code and the instructions that come with your model rocket.

1. Vary the shape, size, or placement on the body tube of the fins.
2. Vary the size, shape, or the size of the hole in the parachute.
3. Vary the length of the parachute shroud lines.
4. Fly a rocket with a parachute and one with a streamer to show the difference.
5. Vary the length or width of the streamer.
6. Use different engines. Use only the engines recommended for your rocket. You can either show the difference in A, B, or C engines, or show the difference the different delays for the recovery device to come out have on your rocket.
7. Vary the length of the shock cord.
8. Try different payloads. The egg launchers are always a fun project to do.
9. Try different size, shapes, or types of nose cones.
10. Fly a rocket with different numbers of engines (called clustering engines).
11. Fly a rocket where one engine lights another when it burns out (called staging).
12. You could fly one of each type in numbers 11 and 12 to show the difference.
13. The Estes AstroCam which takes pictures at apogee has a lot of possibilities.
14. Boost gliders could be flown in several different ways to show the effects.

If you have a good idea you would like to share with others send me an e-mail and I will post it here.