April 4, 1999
Easter Sunday
This was going to be a special launch for us in many ways. We were planning on having an egg launching contest between Donna and me. It was also going to be a chance to say good bye to several of our rocket friends before we moved.
Donna built the Quest Courier, and I built the Estes Omloid. The egg barely fits in the Courier, so we had to be careful not to crack it while putting it in the payload section. We launched both rockets on C5-3s and when the eggs were checked Donna's had completely broken. Mine came back fine. I flew mine again on a C5-3 and the egg cracked. Donna flew the FireStreak on B4-4s for its 24th and 25th flights. I flew the Silver Comet in a six way drag race. I'm not sure who won, but we all had fun. I had my Shadow and was preparing to launch it when a friend offered me an E-15W white lightening to fly it on. This was my first "E" engine. The rocket went straight up, right after apogee the chute came out, and the rocket slowly drifted back to the field. I will post pictures of the flight as soon as I get time.
We also flew the WildFire twice on a 1/2A6-2 and an A8-3, the X-ray twice on A10-3Ts, and the mini mean machine once on an A10-3T. We used up all the engines we had, because we did not want to take any with us when we moved.